Hi, I'm Mirko Kleiner the creator of lean-agile procurement (short LAP). Begin of 2016 I asked myself if procurement couldn't be more fun and lean, in other words just pure agile?-It's my personal pleasure to tell you, that LAP is a promising new option for procurement!

To give you some insights about myself, I'm co-founder of flowdays and owner of WAI.O.BLUE and work as an independent agile coach and ad interim manager. I've long been an avowed Agilist (Agile Evangelist), but also flexible if necessary to adopt to the given surrounding conditions. After over 17 years of professional experience in various positions in distributed organizations, large-scaled projects and different cultures (India, Russia, Serbia, Romania, West-EU), I'm a known expert in setting up and management of distributed agile organizations and solving their challenges. As agile coach on enterprise level I'm currently engaged in agile transformations in companies of all sizes. In practice I saw, that sales/procurement organizations still miss an approach to catch up with increased market demands like e.g. time-to-market, innovation, complexity, etc. Lean-agile procurement (LAP) fills this gap and became a global movement with many success stories. LAP isn’t just an improvement of current practices, it’s more kind of a disruption: What used to take MONTHS needs just DAYS NOW!- I do predict to businesses with adaptive partner ecosystems will have a competitive advantage and therefor a new, more agile approach for sales/procurement is essential. 

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Only certified lean-agile procurement trainers are allowed to give certification workshops in LAP. Each trainer is a person, that has proven expertise in agile and procurement, as well in facilitation.


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A workshop provider is an institution, that already offers, or likes to start offering education, follows the agile principles and wants to enrich his portfolio with lean-agile procurement workshops. 

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