Currently we have a global demand from all kind of functions to become more effective in procurement / partner management or even sales. To scale and serve the requests nearby to the customers we're looking for more enthusiastic Trainers from all over the world. 

Only certified LAP trainers are allowed to give certification workshops and use the brand lean-agile procurement. 

what you bring in

  • an agile and open mindset

  • proven expertise in agile and procurement or sales / account-/ partner management, as well in facilitation of workshops.

  • eager to learn & share your knowledge to push the global movement together

  • transparency about your average of current training & coaching feedbacks

  • Acceptance of agreement for certified LAP trainers

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Join the Family NOW..

and become one of the 1st Certified LAP Trainers!

what you get 

  • being part of the leading edge global movement

  • Access to exclusive communication channels for trainers

  • jointly sharing & learning with other thought leaders

  • access to a framework of guiding resources, applicable exercises & a library of success stories & statistics

  • ability to certify participants in LAP

  • an easy to use platform (workshop/feedback-management)

  • free attending events by any other trainer

Upcoming Events & Workshops: