London, October 11 + 12th - Barclays hosted our first train-the-trainer (TtT) workshop and participated actively in parts of the training. We now have a global footprint of Certified Lean-Agile Procurement Trainers, to overcome the increasing global demand.

Participants from all around the world joined in and wanted to become Certified Lean-Agile Procurement Trainers. They want to teach and conduct Lean-Agile Procurement (short LAP) in their home markets. All of the Trainers see LAP as a 'Game Changer' in procurement / sales and partner management. Lean-Agile Procurement, an approach to make complex sourcing simple, attracted these Agile, Lean and Procurement Experts.

Source: LAP Alliance. Persons on the photo from left: Mirko Kleiner/flowdays, Avi Schneier/scruminc, Lionel Massiera, Céline Stauder/both goood, Pete Schibli/JumpShift Development, Jessica Larsen/scruminc, Sophie Durand, Damien Thouvenin/both goood, Ivan Dubrovin/Scrumtrek, Philipp Engstler/flowdays, missing on photo: Simon Reindl/Advanced Product Delivery Ltd.

The news of being rewarded with the CIPS Supply Management Awards Europe 2018 for the Best Procurement Consultancy Project, was just a great beginn for the 2 days TtT workshop.

LAP is the answer to what Agile Procurement should look like! Some companies in Russia already want to pilot LAP.
— Ivan Dubrovin, Certified LAP Trainer & Agile Coach, scrumtrek

The first 9 candidates for Certified Lean-Agile Procurement Trainers were hand picked and on invitation only. They all are experts in their field and have the same agile mindset and values as we have. It turned out, that this awesome experience in one room lead immediately to new ideas.

We have worked on the following topics:

  1. Starting to form the tribe, our vision, mission & values

  2. the Lean Procurement Canvas in depth

  3. Barclays story + Q&A with Phil Thomas, Managing Director - Head of Global Sourcing at Barclays

  4. Lean Procurement Canvas & Lean-Agile Procurement applied

  5. Pitching the Award-winning CKW Case to the UK management team of Barclays

  6. Sharing Exercises & Cases between the trainers

  7. Our operation system@LAP Alliance

  8. We create our own LAP1 2-days certification workshop based on the Learning Objectives

Phil is well know in the procurement community for his radical reorganization at Barclays Procurement around commodity (digital self-services) and complexity with Pods (cross-functional teams).

Source: Barclays & LAP Alliance

He and his UK Management Team gave us insights on how they managed the transformation, their current status and future plans at Barclays (3+5). The neo-Trainers have got a lot of insights from first hands and gave their feedback to the folks from Barclays. Both sides agreed, that the two sessions were very valuable and should be continued in the future.

It was great to work with like minded people to understand a practical Lean-Agile Procurement approach to this critical function. I came away prepared to lead others through this streamlined thorough process.
— Simon Reindl, Certified LAP Trainer & Professional Scrum Trainer, Advanced Product Delivery Ltd.

From now on we‘ll drive the movement together forward on a global scale with the help of highly skilled agile and lean experts, that will support their customers achieving twice the value in half the time. The countries covered so far are CH, DE, FR, UK, USA, RU. The trainers represent alliances such as Scrum Alliance, Scrum.Org, SCRUM@Scale, Scrum@Hardware, Lean Six Sigma, SAFe, Management3.0, ICAgile etc.

Every trainer acts as an agile coach too and will support their customers in establishing their first pilots with Lean-Agile Procurement in procurement / sales / account management. LAP is not just an approach for procurement only, but adds new capabilities to your agile product teams too. Rather, it is a tool to cope with the increasing complexity and uncertainty associated with strategic partners towards true business agility along the entire value chain.

Complex sourcing made simple
— Vision of LAP Alliance

We’ve got a lot of new friends and we’re looking forward to their success stories, but much more to the next retreat in Côte d’Azur, France :-)

Some impressions from the TtT workshop