New York City, March 15 - Mirko, the creator of LAP has got interviewed by AgileAmed, the most famous podcast about agile about Lean-Agile Procurement. Thanks to AgileAmped the reach of our movement got enlarged to their audience and the audience of iTunes and Spotify too!-We’re looking forward to inspire even more people around the world.

AgileAmped has 400+ episodes so far, that have been recording since 2015 and more than 300,000 downloads/listens. They are all available in our podcast library on our website. Not all of the podcasts get released on iTunes/Spotify and other podcast apps, only a highlight episode once per week (so not all 400 are on those platforms). We feel honored to be one of those!

 If you wanna know more about AgileAmped check out their quick 1-min video about the podcast.

Episode 1: Get to Market 400% Faster with Lean-Agile Procurement | Business Agility Series

When it comes to procurement in a Lean-Agile context, according to Mirko Kleiner, “It’s not rocket science” – but it does deliver compelling business value. Kleiner wears many hats: a thought leader in Lean-Agile procurement, author, co-founder of Flowdays and the list goes on. Lean Agile Procurement, he says, has some simple tenants that any agilist would recognize:

  • Bring everyone together for alignment from legal to procurement to the supplier and the business users to form a cross-functional team.

  • Accept uncertainty.

  • Empower the team.

The outcomes include a client with a better understanding of what it wants, less re-work or misunderstanding about requirements, and – get this – an average increase of 400% in time-to-market.

Accenture | SolutionsIQ’s Leslie Morse hosts at the 2019 Business Agility Conference in New York City.

Original Source: Find the podcast also on the AgileAmped website