Competitive Advantge via lean-agile@Procurement
Successful procurement of complex products & services

The current performance excellence study of the University of St. Gallen confirms what we have all secretly assumed already: Classical procurement approaches fail with increased complexity, time pressure & constant changes.

Lean-Agile Procurement offers the first applicable toolset based on agile principles.


Goal of the workshop

After the successful participation in the workshop, you will have a basic knowledge in agile, an overview of lean-agile procurement and the application of the lean procurement canvas and how you can use all this for your competitive advantage.

The setup of the workshop is agile and interactive as well, so that the focus can be determined and set by the participants. You could e.g. bring your own case.


Participants who successfully complete the seminar are Certified Lean-agile Procurement Level 1 and receive a one-year Membership in the Lean-agile Procurement Communmity.

Target group

The workshop introduces you to agile and lean-agile procurement, including applicable tools like e.g. the lean procurement canvas.

It is intended for an interdisciplinary audience of Heads of Expertise, Leader of Competencies, strategic purchasing managers, buyers, decision-makers, partner managers and project managers from business- and procurement organizations from both customer and supplier sides.

What participants say about the workshop:

"Great place to stay"

"I will definitely try this"

"That changes everything"

"Inspirational, especially from a strategic point of view an interesting approach."

"Compact format of 2 half-days"

"Workshop mode with flipchart very good"

Lean-agile procurement reduces and distributes risk through incremental and value-added funding for improved business outcomes.
— Pete Behrens, Board Member of Scrum Alliance

In this Workshop we answer the following questions

Agility YES, but WHY? - The participants will discuss current developments in the market, your organizations and partner ecosystems. You will learn why other functions such as ICT, business development, hardware development, HR, marketing, etc. are using agile and why success examples, regardless of the industry and company size. Tesla, Google, ING-DIBA, Spotify, Saab Airospace, and more no longer want to work differently.

What does this have to do with procurement? - The participants reflect the advantages and disadvantages of current procurement procedures

What is lean-agile@procurement and when shouldn’t you use it? - The participants learn the lean Procurement Canvas in a playful manner and go through the 4 steps of lean-agile procurement (1st initialization, 2nd preparation, 3rd implementation, 4th decision)

The Xtra

  • The participants learn how the role of today's purchasers & partner managers changes through agile to the good, resulting in new Xtra opportunities.
  • The trainers are very experienced and the participants benefit from their Xtra knowledge including many practical examples
  • The participants receive the unique possibility of an Xtra exchange among the participants of all sectors, both from the buyer and the provider side
  • After the training, each participant will have access to our Xtra Dropbox (documentation of all flipcharts, lots of information about the topic of lean-agile@Procurement and Agility and many nice photos of the training)
  • Participants also benefit from the Xtra knowledge of the lean-agile Procurement Community, following the workshop.
  • Before the training, each participant receives an Xtra info-mail with many great videos and literature references to immerse into the world of agilit


Basic knowledge in procurement and agile are an advantage. The training is designed for an interdisciplinary audience of decision-makers, purchasers, strategic buyers, management, innovation, business, delivery, and more. 

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