Certification Fee's

Lean-agile Procurement isn’t about certifications and making a lot of money. It’s about changing the world, which is why we don’t charge our trainers a lot of money to give our workshops. We work to keep our prices fair, however we need some money to run all this here.

We basically know 2 kind of fees. Both are determined using a location-dependent price index


Trainer Licensing Fee

Our Fees are invoiced annually. Prices are in Euros.

  • Category A countries: 806€ per year
  • Category B countries: 743€ per year 
  • Category C countries: 617€ per year 
  • Category D countries: 365€ per year
  • Category E countries: 239€ per year

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Event Fee


Our event fee is invoiced after the event was held.

  • Category A countries: 62€ per hour
  • Category B countries: 58€ per hour
  • Category C countries: 43€ per hour
  • Category D countries: 23€ per hour
  • Category E countries: 16€ per hour
  • Online Workshops:      43€ per hour

Example: For a trainer offering a two-day class (16 hours) in Germany — we charge 928€ = 16 hours x 58€.

Event fees do not apply for all sessions lasting 4 hours or less, for which you do not receive payment and which have as main purpose the marketing of the brand and your events. 

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