The LAP Approach Step-by-Step

1. Initialization:

Setup an agile x-functional procurement team, that contains the people that will cooperate with the new partner, extended by other stakeholders needed. The x-functional procurement team (xPT) has to have the competences to decide.

2. Customer Needs Desing

Based a the Business Model Canvas define the high-level needs your own within the x-functional procurement team. Focus to the main Sections of the lean procurement canvas first and prepare all appendix’ you think are needed. Invite then potential partners/vendors, that you think could do the job and provide them your prepared informations in advance. Based on that, they should show up with all resources of the potential delivery team and other stakeholders. So that the vendor has a x-functional procurement team in the room, that is able to decide as well. Btw. this xPT by the vendor is also including the potential delivery team members.

3. Big Room Evaluation Days + 4. Peer-Feedback/Decision

With each of the potential partner a big room evaluation day is organized, where the Lean Procurement Canvas is worked out together. This will be done  in an agile approach in several iterations of e.g. planing, break out sessions, hack-rooms, reviews, demo’s, etc. The Lean Procurement Canvas is evolving section by section. Where needed appropriate appendix’, such as a e.g. a go product roadmap, are developed together. The goal of the day is to complete the lean Procurement Canvas and gather peer-feedback/-decision.

check the interview about the success story of CSS, a Swiss insurance

4. Start agile Delivery

If there is still uncertainty, it might be an option to choose e.g.the best two potential partners and start agile delivery with both (initial proof-of-partnership). This will be even cheaper, than switching a partner in a later state (similar to a late bug detection the costs increases exponentially). The lean procurement canvas will be updated with any new stage and is the key instrument in partner management.

Lead-time of LAP

Depending at complexity of business case and availability of needed people an optimal lead time could be only 4 days!