Pre-order Goal: 
1'000 copies



There is no difference in launching a book or any other product. That's why we've decided to write and publish the book about lean-agile Procurement in an agile way too. With this approach the current interests of the community, experiences from the field, etc. could be taken in consideration at any time.

Why 1'000 copies?

To measure the value of the book we will start pre-ordering from day 1 on. It's not about the money we earn, but the fact if stakeholders see the value of lean-agile procurement. Good to know, we provide a lifetime money-back guarantee for all pre-orders in case you'll be not happy with the final book. 

50% of the earnings we will spend for social good
— Mirko Kleiner, creator lean-agile procurement

Your Help matters!


Helps in gathering real data from the field, your priorities, problems, wishes, etc


Helps in focus to the customer needs worth by gathering your feedback, quotes, success stories, etc 



Helps drive support from retailers and curators of best-seller lists so that the topic gets popular


Directly gets the book in hands of the people we are trying to reach.


The book


Classic approaches for procurement (RfI  RfP  RfQ) are expensive, less efficient and focus just on the produkt or services. Agile organisations tend to form different and factors like soft-skills, collaboration, culture, etc are as important as hard-factors. In other words classic procurement isn't really compatible to solve a complex problem like sourcing. So, what's to solution?-Mirko Kleiner, Co-Founder of presents a new, exciting simple and radical approach for procurement.


After reading the book you'll be able to customize lean-agile procurement in your specific environment for your specific topic. Furthermore it'll give you an insight to:

  • the underlaying concepts and principles of procurement in an agilen context.
  • it provides you an insight why consideration of the company culture's while sourcing of agile teams is key.
  • experience a hands-on introduction into the Lean Procurement Canvas, how to use it as the key tool of lean-agile procurement and see how it develops step-by-step into an agile contract.
  • learn more about the roles and cermonies needed in lean-agile procurement and run through all of them in a role game: A pure agilen approach, starting with the company strategy, to the customer needs and possible options until the peer-review/-decision.
  • recognize together how the todays role of a procurement manager will change to the positiven and what new options for procurement this will lead to.
  • learn from the experience of the writer, the expert/reviewers and customize your own way of implementation. Jump-start on the next day and rock-it.
  • benefit from the community around lean-agile procurement with the voucher code in the book.